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I want to start by saying that the avalon is the poor mans Lexus. I say this because of it's quality build. I have had this 8 year old car for almost a year now and besides oil changes I haven't had one problem. The car also has a good amount of power for passing. I have personaly gone over 125 and the car still seamed to be pulling. The car is not...

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2003 toyota avalon
1998 toyota avalon
1997 toyota avalon
1996 toyota avalon
1995 toyota avalon

Since the beginning of production this model had body type Sedan.

Year, monthFramePictures
1997 / octoberMCX10 Pics
1996 / octoberMCX10
1995 / mayMCX10

1997 - 1996 - 1995
Toyota Avalon
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