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 2002 Toyota Avalon Review, Mrdraxx, From Delray Beach, FL

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Toyota Avalon

 ModelToyota Avalon
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Handles like a marshmellow, standard interior and stereo could be out of a Buick.
 General comments?I have been using the Avalon for over three weeks now as a temporary car to replace a stolen vehicle. Happily I will be getting rid of this car in two day. It reminds me of an 80's full-sized Detriot car, blandly styled and drives like you're piloting a large pillow down the highway. The basic stereo defies proper tuning, poor base and balance. The overall interior design is dull and plastics are very low grade. I believe this is a car to appeal to the above 50 age group who don't particularly care about drivings so much as they care for perceived Toyota "quality and reliability." I live in South Florida, this is a perfect car to drift along the wide straight roads. I think it might even have an "automatic early bird dinner tracking device" available as an option!
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Review 2002 Toyota Avalon Mrdraxx, From Delray Beach, FL
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