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 2001 Toyota Avalon Review, Pstrom

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?Ride was smoother when new, with original General HP
 General comments?Overall, a fine automobile, with only a few weaknesses as listed. According to local dealer, the Avalon will be redesigned for 2005, to be released in Jan 05. Can hardly wait to see what improvements will be forthcoming. A nice tightly controlled driving experience.
Excellent coordination between gas pedal and transmission. Shifting is smooth, with no engine speed-up. V6 engine has good low RPM power, and can usually take hills and mountain driving with a minimum of downshifting. Will consider buying another Avalon without hesitation.
 Previous car95 Camry. Still using it after 128k miles. Better A

Review 2001 Toyota Avalon Pstrom
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