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 2000 Toyota Avalon Review, Richard Dews, From Dallas Tx

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Toyota Avalon XLS

 ModelToyota Avalon XLS
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Safety issues, air bags light goes on and off, very poor breaking. Windows and doors rattle.Have been in arbitration with toyota for 6 months over poor radio reception. Toyota dealership, will not fox problem. Drove other identical models from dealership lot, no problem, still won't fix my reception. Toyota is no longer make safe and quiaity products. Feel unsafe with air bag light going on and off, dealership can't find problem, or fix the problem, hope this does not cause accidental deployment of air bag.
 General comments?I wouldn't buy this car again because of the following reasons.Buyer beware of possible air bag problem, light goes on and off and dealership can not find problem. Now have brake problems, dealership says nothing is wrong. I think dealership has poor quality mechanics that can not correctly find and fix problems. Doors and windows rattle, and I paid $32,000.00. Toyota no longer stands for quiality.Paid $32,000.00, and still can not listen to my radio, reception is so poor. I have been in arbitation for over 6 months, and Gulf State Toyota, and deaership still refuse to fix radio.
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Review 2000 Toyota Avalon Richard Dews, From Dallas Tx
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