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 2000 Toyota Avalon Review, Monty, From Sioux Falls

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?Seats--especially passenger seat--not as supportive as they should be in a car of this quality. Passenger seat has fewer power adjustments than the driver's seat and no lumbar support. Even the driver's seat is less supportive than that of the Honda Accord or Volkswagen Passat--cars which cost no more than the Avalon.The JBL sound system, while better than the average system found in American cars and probably better than the standard equipment in the xl, is not really "Premium" as advertised. The sound is somewhat veiled.It is noticeably inferior to the Bose system in the Passat or the Nakamichi (spelling?) in the Lexus.
 General comments?I purchased the Avalon May 17, 2000 and have driven it 10000 miles. It is a great car in which to "escape." The ride, while smooth and floating, feels secure and grounded. The car zips in and out of traffic effortlessly, and I neither hear the traffic nor sense effort from the car as it gets me from place to place. While I would like to see an upgrade from the JBL sound system available, I do enjoy listening to FM radio and to CDs in the quiet, refined atmosphere of this vehicle. I agree with a previous reviewer who said this is a good entry level luxury car.
 Previous carDodge Dynasty--there is of course, no comparison. The Avalon is superior--just as Toyota is superior to Dodge.The seating in my wife's Honda Accord is, as mentioned above, superior to that of the Avalon. The Avalon wins in quietness and smoothness of acce

Review 2000 Toyota Avalon Monty, From Sioux Falls
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