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 2000 Toyota Avalon Review, Simon

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Toyota Avalon

 ModelToyota Avalon
 What things have gone wrong with the car?tight interior cause minor sqeak. exterior fit and finish, narrow rim and wire, too soft spring( can be more sporty )
 General comments?This car indeed a very potent car as a family hauler. The back seat is more comfortable than the front seat. Very smooth and very quite engine. If you looks for a sport sedan, looks else where, you will not be happy with this car. If you like smooth quiet ride with a lot of space, this is your best bet.

This is my first toyota and I bought it based on repeating hearing the phase toyota is the best in quality. My first 1500 miles, I am happy with it. However, it does have some minor quality problem. First, the window trim is not line up perfect compared to Honda and nissan. I thought it is just my car but I went back to the dealers to check out at least 10 avalons. The exterior trims is not always perfect. In fact, I only saw one avalon in the lot have all the rims lined properly. Second, the tight interior create some minor sqeaking sound. You can only hear it it all window is close, ac is off and stereo is off. Third, my car has steering wheel off center first day I bought it. Toyota is known for the best quality control and I hope that they will see this review and take a notes.
 Previous carMazda Millenia S, Nissan Maxima SE (Both has better exterior fit and finished and no sqeaking sound)

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