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1998 toyota avalon  
    1998 Toyota Avalon Review, Pat Rice, From Tallapoosa, Ga

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?Doors are hard to shut--must slam them and the radio SUCKS!!! The antenna is in the rear windshield and it is horrible.
 General comments?There is no American car that even comes close to the Avalon--maybe in size-- but not in build quality and reliabilty. To get A German car of this size you had better be related to Bill Gates!! Acura comes the closet(3.2TL) but again you give up quite a lot of room. Avalon is the perfect mom and pop (and 2 kids) kind of car. I will definitely buy anoyhrt one.
 Previous carWe have had several acuras and hondas--they are all excellent cars but Toyota has them-- beat on value--also the size of the Avalon beats anything Honda or Acura has.

Review 1998 Toyota Avalon Pat Rice, From Tallapoosa, Ga
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