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1998 toyota avalon  
    1998 Toyota Avalon Review, Shann, From Huntsville, AL USA

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Avalon XLS

 ModelAvalon XLS
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Front seat sags too much in center, but still comfortable.Doors somewhat hard to close, were readjusted once and improved.Mirror (auto-dimming) failed and was replaced under warrenty. Rear door had water collecting inside and had to have drain-hole opened--not a big deal.Suspension with four adults on rough road is too soft, other than THAT CONDITION, its very nice ride.
 General comments?Product is best seen for the dollar. Overall quality is much better than Cadillac 1985-1990 models. Better than Hondas. Better than the Mazda 929, and the Millenia is a piece of junk, for the money.Yes, I am trying to buy (purchase) another to replace the lease. I know that the interior is larger than the near-comparable Lexus and was one reason I got the car. Great size for four adults.
 Previous carMUCH MUCH larger than S60 Volvo, which fit like a 42-short(bad if you a 44-long). Not as swift as VW Passat, though similar in weight, but Passat takes premium gas, Avalon like regular OK, Passat gas mileage is 10% less.

Review 1998 Toyota Avalon Shann, From Huntsville, AL USA
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