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1997 toyota avalon 1997 toyota avalon
    1997 Toyota Avalon Review, Ray, From Foster City, CA, USA

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?Brake click when changing direction. Nothing can be done apparently. Weak radio. (Low end) Steering wheel seems stiff compared to other cars. No holder for garage remote. Seat belts tend to lock up. Dealer was no help on this one. Rear seat does not fold forward for ski transport. Squirting windshield with driver's window open and moving down the road give's the driver a refreshing face splash. Went thru first set of tires in 25K miles. Front end was out of allignment.
 General comments?XL Model, no leather, pwr buckets, gold pkg, keyless entry, floor mats, mud flaps...$23,360 + tax, lic. Yes, I would recommend it and will probably buy another one someday. Overall this has been a very good car for my wife, our dog and me. Toyota service is OK, but nothing to write home about.
 Previous carHonda Accord, Taurus. Faster, bigger than Accord. Far superior to Taurus.

Review 1997 Toyota Avalon Ray, From Foster City, CA, USA
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