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1997 toyota avalon 1997 toyota avalon
    1997 Toyota Avalon Review, Sean , From Somerset

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Avalon XL

 ModelAvalon XL
 What things have gone wrong with the car?average interior lighting for this price range. (no map or reading lights)car is too bouncy over bumps- I guess it leans more to the working class
 General comments?After 3 years I can say I haven't had any major problems with this car.This is a great car! very smooth, and spacious.I bought it because it excels at the most important components in a car (engine, trans...)for maintaining overall sanity and happiness. Basically it moves well on the road! But if your looking for a more sporty car, get the Maxima, or Volkswagen.I bought the XL over the XLS, to save a little. It came with a basic radio, and no alarm. I intended to change this and installed both after-market better stuff than what Toyota gives, so I'm quite happy there.The stuff from the factory was adequate. The speakers were better than average. I've seen worse on VWs.Tight turning radius. Windows will operate after engine is turned off. Transmission is really smooth shifting and quality part -which is often overlooked feature in these reviewsI have had no problems with my brakes as mentioned on other reviews.They are Anti-lock and take some getting used to if you're new to them.However, I Went thru first set of tires in 25K miles, which I thoughtwas quite due to the cheap tires that most new cars provide. Passengers in this car will not complain for a lack of spaceIt' a great family car. And, You'll be surprised at how much gas mileage you will get from this large baby.Weaknesses: ( had to name a few but they are really minor) ;-(My biggest gripe was it seems to go over bumps with too much bounce that resonates through the car. Its like bouncing on a matress And for the price I paid , I would've like a halogen light inside the car.Toyota gives you a dinky little flashlight bulb.I can even deal with the wind noise. Afterall, I didn't get the Lexus.Oh yeah! Almost forgot. Rear seat does not fold forward for ski transport. (bummer!)Overall I'm quite satisfied with the Avalon's reliability and performance.It's always started. But it isn't the cheapest.
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Review 1997 Toyota Avalon Sean , From Somerset
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