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1997 toyota avalon 1997 toyota avalon
    1997 Toyota Avalon Review, Anaam, From Boston, MA

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Toyota Avalon XL

 ModelToyota Avalon XL
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Little wind noise at high speeds.
 General comments?I have not driven many cars (except rented Mazda 626 and Fords) so I won't compare Avalon with other cars. But let me tell you one thing, I had an accident at 85 mph and this car saved my and my wife's life. Not much damage. The frontal safety features took all the blow. Only few parts had to be changed (radiator was gone ofcourse). I have seen cars getting totalled at 45mph accident but not this Avalon.Engine is so quite I turned the ignition key many times while it was already running. I love the 'ECT' key on the dashboard. If you need more accleration then normal just press this key and you go past other cars at the signal like a racing car (just make sure the car behind is not a cop car).Ride is smooth but can't handle bigger potholes very well. I think newer ones are better in this regard. Road noise is very less. I had to lower the volume of the audio system almost to minimum so that my ears do not get tired soon. It uses platinum spark plugs. So they are changed after 60,000 miles only. Mileage is very good. I get 30+ on highways. Tank capacity is 18.5 gallons, so on one tankfull you can go 500 miles (450 to be on the safer side). Remember to use Supreme gas, though, to get this mileage. Avalon runs far better on Supreme then regular and plus.Overall, this is one of the best cars in this category and price range. Go for it.
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Review 1997 Toyota Avalon Anaam, From Boston, MA
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