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1997 toyota avalon 1997 toyota avalon
    1997 Toyota Avalon Review, Angie Templeton, From Newnan G

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Toyota Avalon

 ModelToyota Avalon
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Toyaota dealers are such jerks for thte most part. They can be very arrogant. But the good news is, you don't have much dealings with them after the purchase!!!
 General comments?Let me just put it this way...if you can find a better automobile on the PLANET, I'll eat it! I am a loyal Toyota owner for only ONE raeson...I am a woman that knows nothing about cars, and these things are maintenance free. When I was in college, I had a corolla, then a celica, and I drove all over the contry alone with not even a second thought, because neither of them ever let me down. When I married, we bought a camry, and then this avalon. I have 2 small boys and that poor car is soooo abused. but it has 125,000 miles now, and still has never gicen us a minutes trouble. Anything that is wrong is only a nuisance. For instance the cigarette lighter has never worked very well. And the pearl paint finish that we payed extra for, chips alot. Now with the kids we need more room, so of course, I just assumed we'd go and get a Sienna. However, after reading all the bad reviews on those vans, I think I am going to have to jump ship and go with the Honda.
 Previous carcorolla, celica, mustang (NOT!!!), camry.

Review 1997 Toyota Avalon Angie Templeton, From Newnan G
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