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1996 toyota avalon  
    1996 Toyota Avalon Review, Robert Boni, From Encino

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Toyota Avalon Xl

 ModelToyota Avalon Xl
 What things have gone wrong with the car?rotors warp a bit as they get older, i had the same problem with my 87 camry, my power window(driver side in front) is acting up. the problem with the new toyotas now is that they're assembled in u.s.a. somewhere. noticed the quality has diminished a bit. how do i know you say, i sold them for ten years.
 General comments?overall very fine car. bought mine used 2 years ago and have had very few problems. drive train flawless. need to keep fluids clean like any car. if you live in the san fernando valley, see HAMER TOYOTA, ask for jose herrera, he took great care of me
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Review 1996 Toyota Avalon Robert Boni, From Encino
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007