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1996 toyota avalon  
    1996 Toyota Avalon Review, Jim, From San Deigo, Ca

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Toyota Avalon

 ModelToyota Avalon
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Wind noise. Weak radio for a $21K + car. Brakes make a clunking noise. 3 out of 4 of my doors had a plastic insert in the door handle break that prevented the doors from opening from inside (I submitted a complaint to NTSB after Toyota refused to help or consider it a defect). Door side panels dent too easily.
 General comments?I had a lot of nagging body issues but because of the engine performance and the roomy interior I would still recommend this car. The other reason I bought this car was because it seats 6 people and that has come in real handy.
 Previous carI had a Camry. I liked the instrument panel better than the Avalon but still like all the room in the Avalon.

Review 1996 Toyota Avalon Jim, From San Deigo, Ca
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