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1996 toyota avalon  
    1996 Toyota Avalon Review, Millard, From Lexington, KY

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Toyota Avalon Xl

 ModelToyota Avalon Xl
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Air conditioning weak, paint on plastic parts tend to peel off, wind noise on highway driving, my opinion is that it is not a very attractive vehicle
 General comments?This car has probably been one of the least troubling from a mechanical standpoint. I have done nothing but routine maintenance. Body integrity on the other hand has been a nightmare. Plastic parts from hubcaps to mirrors have had the paint peel off on a regular basis. Seats are uncomfortable on long trips for me( I am 6"6" and weigh 220 lbs), but smaller family members have no problems. Radio (w
 Previous carVolvos and Cadillacs-this car does not compare very favorably

Review 1996 Toyota Avalon Millard, From Lexington, KY
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007