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1996 toyota avalon  
    1996 Toyota Avalon Review, Aris, From Poughkeepsie NY

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Toyota Avalon XL

 ModelToyota Avalon XL
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Cassette deck died just after warranty. A Panasonic unit, that's going to cost them the sales of a 36 inch TV. The paint on the plastic bumpers comes off too easily. Some annoying paint chipping (pearl). Too many bad dealers, and nothing is done about them. Investigate before you buy. One service for something broken, all freon leaked out, that took 5 years. Wind noise could be lower. High speed cold idle is 2000 rpm, thank God for Mobil 1.
 General comments?Purchased new, now 92K miles. Diet consists of Amoco Ultimate gasoline and Mobil 1. Oil changes after 6000 miles the oil looks like really weak coffee, you can still see through it, very little dirt. And if you use cheap oil and cheap gas that's not the car's fault. It's a $20,000+ investment, why would you treat it like that? It runs so hot, overall, it's a big mistake not to change the trans fluid at regular intervals. Mine shows minor signs of burning at 30K. Transmission bands "shed", the first change is critical and should occur early. Suspension is on the soft side, a great car for the Northeast. Sane highway driving, under 65, I average 28 mpg all summer, 25 in the winter. People complain about city mileage, hey it does weigh 3300 pounds. Same story for acceleration.
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Review 1996 Toyota Avalon Aris, From Poughkeepsie NY
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