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 1919 Toyota Avalon Review, Ted G, From Reading Pa

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Toyota Avalon 7

 ModelToyota Avalon 7
 What things have gone wrong with the car?the radio sucks, the brakes suck, the car has no image at all, the remote door opener is worth around 50 cents or less, it sucks, the tires suck, uhhh thats about it
 General comments?Every single feature of this car sucks ...................except the engine and guess what thats the reason I bought the car ..... to change the car stereo it costs aroung 250$ and another 200$ for speakers, the remote may suck but it still opens the door, tires cost around 300-400$ to replace , the brakes stop the car good enough...... an engine typically costs around 1000$ to 5000$ to fix.............. Ill take a sucky radio for an A+ engine any day, I recommend this car highly
 Previous carToyota Camry LE 200, this car has the exact same strengths and weaknesses

Review 1919 Toyota Avalon Ted G, From Reading Pa
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007