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Purchased 2003 Avalon XLS with just about every option available.Leather interior is smooth soft top grade leather.Exceptionally quiet running. You are frequently not quite sure if the engine is running its so quiet.Excellent riding comfort and getting 23...

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2007 Toyota Avalon: Top of the line premium full size sedan now on ...
...TORONTO, Aug. 31 /CNW/ - Luxurious, powerful, and spacious, the Toyota Avalon offers superior quality that makes Avalon a for buyers who are looking for a premium, full size sedan, now standard-equipped with Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control. In this highly competitive segment, the...

Toyota's reputation marred by Avalon defects
Toyota's reputation marred by Avalon defects
...Toyota vehicles have long since built up a reputation among the public for their bulletproof reliability and exceptional quality, perhaps best exemplified by the entry-level Corolla and more recently with the innovative Prius Hybrid. Well, it seems that not all their models are quite so dependable,...

Avalon shows dent in Toyota quality; fixes sought for 'problematic ...
...LOS ANGELES -- Alan Seider has owned 11 Toyotas since 1982, but his 2006 Avalon likely will be his last. He says quality glitches have bedeviled his Toyota sedan, which he has driven less than 6,000 miles since he bought it last July. His dealer could not solve the car's problems. Toyota...

Latest Toyota Avalon Reviews

1995 Toyota Avalon XL - Diamond Pearl White / Randall, Sacramento CA
1995 Toyota Avalon XL - Diamond Pearl White
I bought my '95 Avy in August '06 with 147k from a private party older couple who placed an ad on Craig's List.

It was very clean when I bought it. The only things that show some wear are the front leather seats but not that much wear. The back seats look brand new.

The only knock on this car seems to be the styling which is supposedly pedestrian, but I like it.

The 3.0L V6 is strong and peppy. When I use Chevron Techron Fuel...

1997 Toyota Avalon XL / Aaron, Washington
1997 Toyota Avalon XL
Pretty powerful car, reliable for the most part, handles incredibly for its size. Overall a joy to drive and race....

Avalon XLS / Michael, North Carolina
Avalon XLS
LOVE the car! never had problems, comfortable and roomy inside, very reliable! it's not exactly sporty looking, but it has a certain "class" about it that is pretty attractive....

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